Make-up and Magnets

Magneto-therapy in cosmetology.

To be beautiful is the aim of even woman. Each woman tries to make herself look more beautiful and when she achieves it, she becomes satisfied. If a woman looks beautiful, her mood becomes better which results in an improvement other nervous system. Therefore a beautiful woman:

– feels better
– becomes full of energy
– has a high self esteem
– has more patience for people.

An old French saying says: “There are no ugly women, there are women with bad skin”. Most of us know that cosmetology is a part of a medical field. This means that a person with a problematical skin has to know medical and biological concepts.

Water and various facial and skin products function a lot better when magnetized. This means that when magnetized, facial and skin products I; a use better, open up skin pores and do not result in allergic reactions.

Formula of your success:

magnetic water + magnetic comp + magnetic device “Professor”

Instructions for using magnetic devices:

  1. Wash your skin with magnetic water.
  2. Magnetize all the cosmetic products you will use. This is possible to do even if the cosmetic products are packaged or bottled. All you have to do is to move “Professor” a few times around the package/bottle.
  3. After you have prepared your skin. massage it for 3-5 min. using “Professor”, by moving the device 2-3 mm away from the skin.
  4. Before blow drying hair, brush it for 2-5 min. using magnetic comb.
  5. Magnetic comb can also be used as a device to massage your body. To do this, simply use the other side of the brush and by touching your skin, move it all over the body. If done on regular basis, skin will become smoother and more elastic.
  6. Drink only magnetic water, as well as, shower and bathe using this water. The effect will be noticeable shortly after using these instructions.

We will be very glad to know that the number of beautiful women in the world has increased.