Burns and magnets

“Magneto-biology ad magneto-therapy in medicine”.

The results of various experimental investigations and clinical observations show that water, herbal essences, as well as liquid medicine, acquire new biological qualities after being magnetized These findings resulted in a decision # 1137 (26.08.1985) made by a Ministry of USSR, “Magneto-biology ad magneto-therapy in medicine”. This decision was a recommendation to use magnetic fields for treatment of various solutions, including those containing ethanol. Also the use of magnetic fields was recommended in prophylactic and medical cases.

A lot of incidents involve burns and the results have proven that daily consumption of magnetized ethanol solution (alcohol) speeds up the healing process of the tissue affected by burns.

The procedure of magnetizing any type of liquid is easy. This can be done by using a magnetic funnel, which is manufactured by “Magnetic Technologies” company. However in order to relieve the pain and to speed up the process of recovery, it is necessary to massage the affected area of the skin without touching it. Magnetic fields are anti-inflammatory, improve blood circulation and relieve pain.

Magnetic fields are widely used in modern physio-therapy. But, in many cases, the equipment is very expensive, takes up a lot of space and requires specialists to look after it. These are the main reasons why this equipment cannot be used at home. For these reasons, “Magnetic Technologies” company invented compact, inexpensive and multifunctional magnetic device “Professor” . This device is recommended to be used for a “contact free” massage.

By using “Professor” on the affected kin areas, magnetic field activates exchange processes of the tissue. As well as, kills bacteria and therefore speeds up the healing process. By using “Professor’s” sides correctly (the right polarity), patients avoid side effects and negative reactions.