Kidney stones and magnets

According to UNESCO, almost every country suffers from a deficit of high quality drinking spring water.

Investigations show the connection between increasing levels of stones in kidneys and the growing levels of harmful elements in drinking water.

The ultra-sound treatment of kidney stones is not always successful and surgery can be very damaging. However, another effective solution to this problem exists. This is the consumption of magnetic water for drinking and cooking. In order to magnetize water, just pour it through our magnetic funnel.

Long experimental investigations and clinical observations (1975-1994), concluded that magnetic water must be used in order to dissolve kidney stones. This can only be done by using magnetic funnel, made by “Magnetic Technologies”. For this treatment, it is recommended to consume magnetic water daily and unlimited quantities.

Magnetize tea, water and other beverages. Magnetic beverages are the key to a successful recovery and a perfect way to prevent health problems for the whole family.

For more detailed information on magnetic funnel and the unique qualities of magnetic water, see Magnetic Water section.