Magnetic treatment of natural water

Over the last decades, condition of rivers, lakes and other springs of fresh water have changed drastically.

Just a few years ago, this water could be used for irrigation, everyday use and fish-breeding. Today, many of these water springs have become sewage, in which many factories dispose their industrial waste.

One of the main issues of humanity, at this moment, is finding a solution to this problem.

There are many projects and proposals that promise to clean waters of rivers, lakes and lagoons. Many of these proposals are actively used, and give positive results. However, we would like to propose a very unusual method that cleans and gives “life” to natural water, i.e. using magnetic technologies.

We hope that our readers, who will visit this page, are familiar with physical, chemical and biological changes that occur in the water after magnetic treatment (these changes are explained in detail on our site).

Based on this knowledge, within many years, scientists of our company have been carrying out scientific and practical work, which involved magnetic treatment of natural waters. The most interesting works we had, were while:

  • Cleaning rivers
  • Cleaning lakes
  • Cleaning sea lagoons
  • Neutralizing hydrogen sulphide in some parts of the Black Sea
  • Magnetic generators’ influence to change atmospheric electricity balance with further formation of rain clouds and, then, rain! That is very important in dry world regions.

Those who are interested in these issues can find out more about our unique observations of many years, on this page.

Magnetic treatment of rivers

First of its kind, a hydro-magnetic system, made by the scientists of “Magnetic Technologies” company, was installed in the river of Sochi, Russia.

The construction of this hydro-magnetic system is a hydro-technical structure of a running/flowing type.

Our real observations

After the installment of this magnetic system in the Sochi River, within a few hours, our scientists, as well as thousands of other people who came to see this experiment, were able to see unique changes.

The problem was, that within many years, there was hardly any fish left due to high levels of waste in the river. However, shoals of various fish were swimming from the sea towards our magnetic system as soon as the systems were installed. Within just a few hours, there was so much fish, that it was impossible to see the bottom of the river! Even though the depth of the river in that area is not more than 1,5 m. This was a phenomenal effect also because a few meters away from the system, no fish could be seen. This unique effect lasted for several years and was seen by hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists, until, in 1997 flooding destroyed the system. We have also seen the same effect while installing magnetic systems in lakes and sea lagoons.

Considering the fact that a lot of people were interested, we created a complex with a magnetic theme in 1994, which was called “Magnetic Quay” and located it on the riverbank of Sochi.

This complex includes “Magnetic coffee shop”, stand gallery and exhibition of magnetic devices. “Magnetic quay” always has our company’s specialists working there, who explain in detail, everything about magnetic technologies in everyday use.

Laboratory results

While analyzing the obtained results, we noticed that water treated with magnetic field did not have particles with a diameter of 1 to 0,2 mm, as well as had a small increase in weight of particles with a diameter of not less than 0,05 mm. However, the sum of these small particles did not exceed the original number. So, the following conclusion was made: “under the influence of magnetic field, some particles split and formed smaller structures, while some dissolved”.

Observation Results From Magnetic Treatment Of Rivers Found In Sochi, Russia

Name of the river 0,5-0,2 Particulars’ Diameter (mm) and content of weight (%)
1,0-0,5 0,5-0,2 0,2-0,1 0,1-0,05 0,05-0,01 <0,01
Pseusapse Before magnetic treatment
After magnetic treatment
Shahe Before magnetic treatment
After magnetic treatment
Sochi Before magnetic treatment
After magnetic treatment
Mzimta Before magnetic treatment
After magnetic treatment
Hosta Before magnetic treatment
After magnetic treatment
Mazesta Before magnetic treatment
After magnetic treatment
Chvizepse Before magnetic treatment
After magnetic treatment

Also the hydro-chemical composition of the river changed under the influence of the magnetic field. Comparing to the results in the table, the most changes were seen in the decrease of:

  1. Weighed particles, to up to 6,3 mg/l
  2. Magnesium – 2,6 mg/l
  3. Chlorides – 9,3 mg/l
  4. Sulphates – 9,4 mg/l
  5. Hydro carbonates – 103, 5 mg/l
  6. Calcium – 3,4 mg/l
  7. Ammonia ions (according to nitrogen) – 0,007 mg/l
  8. Nitrates (according to nitrogen) – 0,25 mg/l
  9. Phosphorus – 0,019 mg/l
  10. Oil-products – 0,8 mg/l
  11. Sodium + potassium – 7,4 mg/l

Oxygen content increased by 12 mg/l.

Magnetically treated water became transparent. The levels of bacteria decreased. For example, control water samples contained bacteria levels of 236 660, but after magnetic treatment, it decreased to 730!

Therefore, magnetic hydro-magnetic systems can be used as, so-called, filters for cleaning of small and large rivers, lakes, lagoons and artificial water systems.

Magnetic treatment of lakes

Magnetic treatment of lakes that have running/flowing structure, will be more effective if magnetic systems are installed in a mouth of a river or a spring that flow into the lake. However, in some cases, these rivers or springs are too small or non-existent. For example, this can be seen in lakes and artificial reservoirs in the cities (parks, health resorts, etc.). In this case, we used water circulation system (fig. 2) or install magnetic fountains. Installment of magnetic fountains is much more appealing because, in this case, we obtain more advantages, such as:

  • Cleaning and providing “life” for lakes
  • Aeration of water
  • Cleaning of atmospheric air

All these changes, result in the overall change of lake condition (see “Ion Shield”).

For a magnetic treatment of large lakes that have factories and people living around it, it is necessary to use a complex method, which is described in detail (see page “Magnetic treatment of sewage waters”).

Before installation of the magnetic system, the height of the fountain was 82 meters but after the installation, the fountain rose up to 98 meters, Sharjah, UAE (left) / Fountain (Muscat, Oman) where a magnetic system was installed with the help of which the lake was cleaned. (right)

Additional advantages of installing magnetic systems on existing fountains

First of all, magnetic system installment does not interfere with the already existing technical construction. Magnetic system is installed as a cover/”hat” in front of the water filter.


1. Increase of power coefficient of engine output, which occurs due to the increase of water’s fluidity and sorting out of clusters. This results in the increase of a fountain’s height by 15-20%.
2. Magnetic water, which flows into the water-pipes and water pumps, destroys incrustation (salt deposition) in these systems and prevents its future formation.
3. Water changes its physical, chemical and biological properties, that can be seen very clearly if we are to compare lab result of before and after installation of magnetic systems. Also, water becomes visually transparent and its flora increases. These changes are due to a large decrease of pathogenic bacteria in the water and coagulation of weighed particles and other various chemical compounds (their deposition on the lake’s bottom).

In non-magnetized water, dissolved particles do not settle down – the reason why the water is dirty. This factis conducive to increase the amount of bacteria. (left) / In magnetic water all dissolved particles and salts settle down very quickly and the water becomes clean, biologically active and all pathogenic bacteria is destroyed. (right)

Choosing magnetic system


The most suitable place for installation of magnetic systems to the running fountain is the water pipeline. The system should be installed before the water pump as shown on the picture below.

Therefore, the choice of a magnetic system depends on the diameter of water pipe-line that supplies water to the pump.


While choosing a magnetic system, attention should be paid to the following:
1. size of the lake
2. technical possibilities (water pump’s capacity and diameter of pump’s connecting water-pipes)

On large lakes, It is best to install several cascades of pumps, which are equipped with magnetic systems.

In all cases, our company is ready to provide additional consultations, only if you will inform us about the size of the lake and water’s chemical and biological content.

Magnetic treatment of deep waters of the Black Sea

Brief geological and geophysical information

The Black Sea is the youngest of all the seas – it is approximately 60 million years old. Black Sea is located on the latitude of 41-46°. Its area is 420325 km2 and length of coastal line – 4790 km. Average water temperature in Sochi region in half a year is +16°C, in the summer it is +25°C and in the winter – 7-8°C. At a depth of 150 meters, a temperature of +8.67°C remains throughout the year, and a temperature of +9.1°C remains deeper than that level.

Black Sea’s currents are weak. Their speed hardly exceeds 1.5 meter/second. There are many reasons for the formation of the currents on the Black Sea, i.e. wind currents predominate in the upper navigatory-part of the sea; and currents conditioned by rivers-mainly in coastal areas. The main current streams flow along the coast, according to ellipse – from south to north and from Crimea to the south through the center of the sea. The main stream of the Caucasian current has a width of 40-60 km and lies 3-7 km away from the shore. During the storm, waves reach up to 10m in the open sea and 5 m on the Caucasian coast. The strength of a wave’s strike in Sochi area exceeds 100 tonn/m2.

Black Sea water has a bitter- salty taste. Sodium Chloride (NaCl – common salt) gives seawater its salty taste, Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) and MgSO4 (English salt), give its bitter-chloride taste.
Black Sea water contains all the elements from O.M. Mendeleev’s Table. Salt content in the upper part of the sea, close to the coast, is 17 g/kg, this number increases to 18.2 g/kg, going towards the middle of the sea, up to 18.2 g/kg.

Sea salts contain: NaCl – 77.8%, MgCl2 – 10.9%, MgSO4 – 4.7%, CaSO4 – 3.6%, KSO4 – 2.5%, iodine, bromine and other elements – 0.5%.
In coastal areas with distilled waters in the regions of the described rivers, salt content changes vertically. So that, Sochi River’s salt content 2 kilometers away from the shore is 2-6 g/kg, and at a 2-meter depth, it is approx. 15g/kg.

In areas which are further away from the coast, Black Sea water’s salt content is 18g/kg, which is considerably less if compared to the normal salt content of other seas (35-36g/kg).

Density of the upper part in the central region is 1,0123, of maximum depths – 1,0173, of coastal distilled water regions decreases to 1,0115. In rivers, during summer, it is less than 1.

Vertically, Black Sea water consists of upper, intermediate, deep, bottom and coastal areas. In the upper area that is warmer and has sweet/fresh water (its width is 150-200m), oxygen content is 10 mg/l and hydrogen content – 8.5 mg/l. This area contains the most hydrogen and is a habitat to many fish and plants.

At a depth of 150-200 m, hydrogen sulphide is present; its content is 0,04-0,16 mg/l. At a depth of 300 m, hydrogen sulphide content is 1 mg/l, at 500m it is 3 mg/l, and below 1000m, it reaches to 3 mg/l. In the buffer area, at a depth of 150-200 m, oxidation of hydrogen sulphide occurs. This protects various organisms from the deadly effect of hydrogen sulphide.

Some un-implemented suggestions on neutralization of hydrogen sulphide

R.B. Ahmetov proposed a method that involved cleaning deep waters from hydrogen sulphide by pumping it through a water pipe. Where, obtained hydrogen sulphide gets burned and purified water goes back into the sea. This project was not brought to life due to various reasons. Firstly, during water collection, a complicated mixing process occurs, resulting in high growth of hydrogen sulphide concentration close to the surface of the sea. Secondly, heating of lower regions of the sea and cooling of the sea surface, take place. Increase in temperature of the lower sea regions, abruptly activates anaerobic life forms, which produce hydrogen sulphide by reducing sulphates.

In addition, decrease in temperature of the upper part can actually change climate, destroy sub- tropical greenery and cover the whole surface with ice for 4-5 months a year. These changes, instead of cleaning Black Sea water from hydrogen sulphide, will spoil it even more.

Instead of using Ahmetov’s method, a more successful project of using microorganisms, which oxidize hydrogen sulphide, can be used. However, to carry on with this project, it is necessary to come up with a method of mass breeding of special bacteria, which requires a lot of expenses.

Method of mixing deep waters with the help of ‘apvepling’ is used on the underwater depressions in coastal areas. ‘Apvepling’ is a pipe of 50m or 200m long and 0,5m or 1m in diameter that is required for this method. For this method, float is installed on one of the butt-ends, and an anchor on the other. Then, a pipe is transported to the required area and installed vertically. During sea disturbance, the pipe moves vertically, taking in deep water and disposing it on the surface, ensuring mixing of deep still waters. This method has similar disadvantages to R.B. Ahmetov’s method.

Proposal of Magnetic Technologies Company

In 1993 we developed a method of cleaning Black Sea waters from hydrogen sulphide by using magnetic fields. Hydro-air magnetic system “Y.T- 2” was especially made. This system consists of a compressor of high pressure, a hydro-pump, deep-sea block with a magnetic system and nozzles for deep-water absorption, metallic rope that holds, both, block and a magnetic system. A sketch of this system is shown on fig. 1.

Hydro-magnetic system “Y.T- 2” is used to treat seas and lakes with magnetic fields. Its aim is:

  • Neutralization of hydrogen sulphide concentrations
  • Desalination of waters that have high salt content
  • Increase of reproduction in fish and sea microorganisms
  • Renewal of ecological balance of coastal and deep waters

Magnetization of deep waters

Hydro-magnetic system “Y.T-2” can be installed on a deck of any ship/vessel. Deep-sea block, with a help of a cable (which is also joined by a high pressure pipe), is lowered on a given depth (150-300m). Then, with a help of hydro-pump, overboard water (which is enriched with oxygen) is supplied through a magnetic system that is located on a deck. After completely filling up and then, disposing this water through deep-sea magnetic block, compressed atmospheric air is supplied. This air also undergoes treatment in the magnetic system that is located on the deck. By regulating valves that supply air and overboard water, we get necessary concentration of magnetic water-air mixture. This mixture is supplied to a deep-sea block (under the pressure of 20-30 atmospheres) through high-pressure pump. This mixture takes in deep water, while going through the area of a deep-sea block that has special nozzles installed in it. Therefore a new mixture is supplied to the deep-sea magnetic system. This mixture consists of magnetized atmospheric air, overboard water and deep-sea water. Acquired mixture undergoes repeated magnetic treatment and then, gets disposed in the deep waters in form of magnetized aerosol.

Based on experiments carried out earlier, it was proven that molecules of oxygen and other liquids that undergo magnetic treatment, become significantly more active when forming compounds with other solutions. Therefore, during compound formation of magnetized aerosol with deep-sea waters (rich in hydrogen sulphide), oxidation of hydrogen sulphide occurs.

Upper part of the deep-sea block is bent in the direction of ship’s movement to ensure that this block is always located on a given depth. During movement, water currents press this construction downwards. Lower part of a deep-sea system consists of a magnetic mechanism, which is capable of filtering through and magnetizing large masses of deep-waters, so that additional effect is achieved.

Bending of the deep-sea magnetic system in the direction of ship’s movement creates additional jet-propelled traction, created by magnetized masses of air and water.

It is important to note that while using deep-water hydro-magnetic system, quantity of neutralized hydrogen sulphide directly depends on the depth at which system is located. Rich in oxygen overboard water and atmospheric air head towards the surface of the sea, resulting in the oxidation of hydrogen sulphide masses, where water and air pass. Even one sea vessel equipped with a hydro-magnetic system “Y.T-2” can neutralize millions of tons of water that is rich in hydrogen sulphide.

This system is easy to use and inexpensive. We recommend using this system in all sea vessels of the Black Sea. Also, it would be wise to ask all ship owners, especially those going through Bosphorus, to install magnetic systems on the decks of their ships in order to use them on their way in the Black Sea. Upon returning of a ship, this system would be given back to a special station, which theoretically can be created in Turkey by agreement of all the countries surrounding the Black Sea.

Hydro-air magnetic system should also be used on large rivers. In this case, river current will act as a ship that carries deep-sea air system.

Dear reader!

Our short proposal that deals with solving of a global issue is made only to give you a small insight. But scientists of our company have been studying this problem very carefully. We have carried out practical works in coastal area of Sochi, which served as a base for creating a mathematical model for cleaning of the Black Sea from hydrogen sulphide. We are convinced in the correctness and reality of our proposal and we have the necessary experience and equipment to begin working.