Impotence, chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoid and magnets

Impotence, infertility and other kinds of sexual dysfunctions are the diseases that have causal-effective character.

Unfortunately, the modern methods of treatment of impotence, infertility and other sexual dysfunctions very seldom look for the causes of these diseases and elimination of these causes.

Many years of practice using magneto-therapy as a treatment of sexual dysfunctions, proved that magneto-therapy is one of the best methods of treatment that satisfies people’s expectations.

Formula for treating sexual dysfunctions in men is as follows:

Magnetic waterRectal magnetotronMagnetic tabletsEar clips

For treatment of sexual dysfunctions in women, add Vaginal magnetron to this formula.

Mentioned above devices are unique and can be used in treatment of many other types of diseases that have causal-effective character.

Therefore, your trip to our World of Magnetology will offer you special knowledge of your body, as well as will provide you with possibilities to regulate your own health while at home.

Rectal magneto-therapy of chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoid and sexual dysfunctions

The existing treatment of chronic prostatitis is very complicated and ineffective. The problem of prostatitis has not been studied in depth since only small studies were done. The fact that magnetic fields prevent inflammatory processes and that magneto-therapy is becoming widely interesting, made us carry out rectal magneto-therapy on patients suffering from prostatitis.

The main purpose of our investigation was to study the effect of rectal magneto-therapy in complex with general sanatorium treatment of chronic prostatitis. Also the effect of magneto-therapy on biological effect of ejaculation was studied. In our study, we selected 1200 patients (aged between 22-63) who suffered from chronic prostatitis. It was recorded that out of these 1200 patients, 49% were suffering from pain, 28% could not urinate, 80% had sexual dysfunctions and 32% were infertile. Two groups were formed out of these patients:

  • Control group (600 patients) – who received sanatorium treatment only
  • Experimental group (600 patients) – who received magneto-therapy along with the sanatorium treatment.

Magneto-therapy included daily insertion of rectal magnetotron 9em deep into the rectum for 20 minutes. As well as, experimental group patients received treatment using magnetic tablets and used only magnetic water or other magnetized beverages for consumption (even cooking).

Results of this experiment are in the table below:

Decrease in % Control Test Result
Pathologic form of morph-functional condition 2.4 13.6 By 5.6 times
Piospermia 3.9 33.8 By 8.5 times
Changed secretion of prostate gland 12.7 26.8 By 2 times
Increase of sperm density 118.0 215.0 By 2 times
Remained in % Control Test Result
Dysfunction of urination (disyria) 3.2 disappeared ! ! !
Pain syndrome 11.7 3.3 By 3.5 times

Very good results were achieved in spermatogenesis and sperm quality. Sperm density in I ml of sperm has increased from 36.6 minion lo 78,2 million, and from 138.7 to 305.9 million in experimental group. Whereas in control group, sperm density only increased from 36,6 million to 43.5 million, and from 138.7 to 163,5 million.

The results of clinical observations have shown that magneto-therapy proves to be highly effective in treatment of chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoid and sexual dysfunctions. Magneto- therapy helps to decrease pain perineum and genitals, improve urination. After magneto- therapeutic treatment, patients could perform better sexually, had a lasting erection and had no difficulties getting rid of the fasces. Also cases involving hemorrhoid, chronic chaps and inflammation, decreased.

Combination of magneto-therapy together with general sanatorium treatment is the best method of treatment of prostatitis and various forms of infertility. This method decreases pain and improves reproduction. What is important, is the fact that patients can carry out prophylactic rectal procedures at home, after consulting with a doctor.

Magneto-therapy: using magnetic tablets for impotence.

Using plaster, fix the magnetic tablets onto the biologically active points of the stomach and the backbone.

Fix the magnetic ear clips on the ear lobes. Slightly press your fingers onto the clips and make the vibrating moves for approximately 20-30 seconds, seven times for each of the active points on the ear.

Repeat the vibrating massage of the ear lobes every 3-4 hours.

The course of treatment requires leaving magnetic tablets fixed onto the body for 11-14 days.