Alcoholism and magnets

It is a well-known fact that alcoholism is one of the widespread diseases around the world.

Vascular complications such as heart stroke, brain stroke, and gangrene of legs, blindness and dysfunctions of liver are the side effects of alcohol. Therefore, alcoholism leads to various disabilities in people and results in high levels of mortality rates amongst young people. These negative effects result in many countries having special programs that are designed to prevent and decrease alcoholism. However these programs do not include one of the most helpful methods. That is treating alcoholic drinks with special magnetic devices.

Fundamental investigations that were carried out from 1990-1991 by Russian scientific group under the supervision of professor A.M. Demezky (the chairman of problem committee “Magneto-biology and Magnetic Therapy in medical practice” under authority of Ministry of Health) confirmed that:

  1. Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages without the magnetic field treatment, leads to the blockage or destroyal of the separate chains of metabolism. This leads to various dysfunctions of the immune system and to the pathological damages to the organs. This especially can be observed in the stomach lining, liver, brain and kidneys.
  2. Consumption of magnetized alcoholic beverages results in improving bodily functions and preventing hangover symptoms.
  3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, which were treated by special magnetic fields, creates the condition of body comfort, stimulates the development of the immune system and does not cause pathological processes.
  4. Using magnetic funnel, made by “Magnetic Technologies” Company, all the investigations were carried out.

To reduce the risk of alcohol addiction, we strongly recommend this recipe:

  • Mix up 100 gram of honey with 200 gram of water
  • Pour this mixture through the magnetic funnel
  • Drink this mixture 15 minutes before the meal, 3 times a day.

Full information about magnetic funnel.

If drinking becomes an addiction, we can help you.

It is very common for people to wake up in the morning after partying and drinking to have headaches and to feel sick. Doctors call this condition a “hangover syndrome” and people who do drink know exactly what this means!

To relieve “painful” symptoms, people often have a small glass of wine or beer and feel better afterwards. However, not many people know that these actions lead to an alcohol addiction. It is the first step to becoming an alcoholic. In addition, women have greater chances of becoming addicted to alcohol. However, there is a solution!

All you have to do is remember one simple rule: drink magnetized alcoholic beverages only! When magnetized, alcoholic drinks change their physical and chemical properties. This results in the absence of bad symptoms the next morning.

You do not believe? Just try to make one experiment!

– Take one bottle of Whisky and two glasses.
– Fill one glass with usual Whisky and the other one – with magnetized Whisky (by pouring alcohol through magnetic funnel manufactured by “Magnetic Technologies” Company).
– Now try it! Compare the smell and the taste of both drinks. Remember, to start testing with a magnetized beverage, and then trying a normal drink. You will see the great difference between them.

Below, you are presented with a conclusion made by a Problem Committee of the Ministry of Health, USSR, on the following subject.

Consumption of magnetic water and magnetized beverages (including alcohol), improves metabolism, assists in the removal of salt depositions form the human body, reduces numbers of patients who suffer from cholelithiasis and urolithiasis

Indications of magnetic water and magnetic beverages:

  • Cholelithiasis and urolithiasis

Arthritis, artosis, metabolism dysfunction
There are no side effects from using magnetic devices.
Based on the results from scientific investigations, we strongly recommend using magnetic devices in systems that supply drinking water.

Chairman of a Problem Committee of the Ministry of Health, USSR,
Professor Demezkiy A.M.