Travelling and magnets

Nowadays, nearly every modern human being has to change his/her accustomed surroundings because of travelling.

When people travel, they use different kinds of transport – cars, trains, airplanes, ships and etc. Because of changing time zones, great number of travellers can feel discomfort. This discomfort can happen due to the fact that the level of adaptation to the changing of time zones of all the human being is not high enough. Also discomfort can be caused by sea (airplane) sickness.

Long process of adaptation when changing time zones, depends on changing biorhythm that is followed by de-synchronization of the human nervous system. During first days after coming to the other time zone people may suffer from headaches, lack of sleep and loss of appetite. Blood pressure, pulse and even blood formula change.

Sea and other sicknesses are normal reactions of the human body when a person changes his/her surroundings. At first, people may feel tired and weak and then feel sick and can even vomit.

However, all of the above mentioned symptoms could be eased or avoided all together. To do that, use Magnetic ear clips and Magnetic bracelet, which are manufactured by “Magnetic Technologies” Company (instructions on how to use them are included in the package).

High effectiveness of these devices has been proven by long-term tests and observations that were done in the Russian Scientific-Search Institute of hygiene of water-transport. Committee of apparatus and devices under the supervision of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation recommended these two devices (magnetic ear clips and magnetic bracelet) for using (Protocol N0 5 13.06.1993).