Aspects of magnetic fields and magnetic water

The Biochemical and Physiological aspects of magnetic fields and magnetic water.

It has been proven by data an by information from many scientific research centers in different countries of the world that one of the main reasons of our environmental and medical problems is somehow connected with the changing of the geomagnetic situation in the Earth. This fact may explain clearly why most of the people are suffering. Mankind has done too many activities through which he is destroying the environment and this provokes first of all the destroyi8ng the geomagnetism of the outer space. Only in the last one thousand years the earth has lost 50% of it is Magnetic Energy (ME). Now it is well known that (ME) is of great importance to the all kinds of lives (it prevents the reaching of un-wanted rays to come to the earth and plays an important role in the regulation of the biochemical and physiological functions of the body). Unfortunately, even the style of the modern life itself isolates us more from being in “touch” with the Magnetic Fields (M.F) of the earth. We are living and working in buildings made of cements and metals, throughout the day we use radio, T.V and P.C. etc. All these things prevent us from receiving the real magnetic energy of the nature (M.E.N.). It was proven by many scientists that the isolation if it happens for along period of time it leads to deep disorders in the biochemical and physiological functions of the body and as the results the appearance of diseases. Taking all these facts into our consideration, it might be explainable now why the (M.E.N) is of exclusive important to the human body. (1,2,4,5).

How does the bio-magnetism of the body work?
When all the cells of the human body are in a good level of coordination the state of the magnetic charges of the body is invisible and due to this the body is trying to reanimate the “tired” cells that loose their own magnetic charges by sending plus of electromagnetic energy from the brain through the central nervous system (C.N.S) to recharge the cell of the body which has positive and negative charges. So when these charges are equal that means it is functioning normally and it can treat itself by itself, this phenomena is call the (bio-magnetism). So according to this phenomenon the cells can be functional and coordinate its activity with a very high speed (for example sending the first order from the brain to the first cell in the pancreas and from it to the other cells to synthesis insulin it takes only a part of the second. All these complicated operations occur by the impact of the plus of the electromagnetic waves sent from the brain. (3). Taking these observations into account, it is now possible to control the functions of the concert cell by external (M.F) just by knowing accurately the (M.F) needed for doing such function. This what is so-called the “magnetic pattern”? In other words we can say that by using concert (M.F), it is now possible to (re) normalize, increase or even decrease the functions of the cells. This fact opens the door widely for treating such horrible diseases as cancer, aids, kidney failure etc.

One of the main mechanisms through which the (M.F) can realize its effects on the body which is the noticeable increasing the level of the blood in the organs, which consequently means the increasing of the amount of the oxygen entering into the cells. These conditions could not only activate the metabolic processes in the cells and even activate and improve the ability of the defense system (immune system) of the body in general.

Remembering the utmost important role of the water in the regulations of the biochemical and physiological processes of the body and bearing in mind all the information mentioned above it is not by the “stroke of luck”, why now using magnetic water in treating many diseases is widely speared. According to (8) the water that we drink everyday is“dead water” from a biological point of view, because 60% of the charges of its molecules are in chaotic state “plus-plus” or “minus-minus” and in the natural situation the charges must be “plus-minus”. Magnetizing water, significantly increases its biological activity, fluidity, dissolving capability, improves metabolism, stimulates gastrointestinal functions, reduces changes of the formation of stones and helps in the process of salts extraction. (7).

This water has a clear positive effect in such cases as: atherosclerosis (decreased the level of the cholesterol in the blood of patients from (235-443 mg%) to (67-32mg%), increase the concentration of albumins in the serum, decrease the concentration of globulins, arterial hypertension, improvement of the coronary circulation, decrease the tension of left ventricle, pain near heart, insomnia regeneration of wound, blood clotting (clotting time, increase the amount of free heparin). It helps in such cases like headaches, dizzy and allergic dermatitis (1, 3, 6).

How to Magnetize Water?
There is special system for purification and magnetizing water (see the picture in the book “The mysteries of magnetic fields”). The magnetron-funnel and half-magnetotron are designed to magnetize liquids. Water and water solutions passed through the magnetotron, which acquire finer and more homogenous to the structure of the water. As mentioned above the water becomes biologically more active which is increasing its fluidity and dissolving capability (8).

This is only the beginning of using such wonderful objects as a very strong instrument in the new field of alternative – medicine and all the laws of which are coming from the deep understanding of the nature. Magnetic water is absolutely safety water with no side effects. For all the above mentioned problems, it helps the human body to be normal and to face the diseases, by regulating biochemical & physiological process.


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