Magnetic Water

“Alive” and “dead” water.

We are familiar with these terms since our childhood, but were the writers telling the truth when they would describe the properties of “alive” water.

Every human being on this planet has to drink water in order to stay alive. But what do we know about water we drink? Absolutely nothing! Think about the fact that at this moment, clean drinking water costs 2 times as much as petrol!

We all think of it being clean but the truth s that the water we refer to as clean is “dead”. This is because we as humans have done everything to “kill” water, by making it undergo mechanical, thermal and chemical treatments to clean it. However, there are places on earth where clean “alive” water can still be found.

Long ago, people would call this water “holly”. Such water can be found in holly and clean springs.

But not many people know that underground all the holly springs with clean “alive” water flow through the areas of natural magnet depositions. Therefore this water undergoes magnetic treatment and acquires unique healing qualities.

We strongly believe that magnetic water will become an essential part in the lives of every human being.

For now we want to make you familiar with simple methods of¬†magnetizing water. That is the transformation of “dead” drinking water into “alive” drinking water.

Effects of indirect application are described below. Combining direct and indirect methods of application will improve the results.

Magneto-therapy using magnetic water when treating patients suffering from cancer

  1. International Medico- Technico- Biological Association of Magnetologists. Vitebsk, Russia (Professor Demezki)

By magnetizing drinking water and water-based ethanol, we have studied the effect these solutions have on human body when treating various diseases. Magnetization process was carried out by pouring these two solutions through Magnetic funnel. The results showed 80% efficiency when treating:

  • stress situations,
  • serious bums,
  • radiation exposures.

This also includes 80% efficiency in:

  • improvement of bodily functions during cancer treatments and cancer prophylactic,
  • improvement of various types of gastroenterological diseases,
  • stabilization of nervous and cardio-vascular systems,
  • normalization of metabolism, immune and adaptation processes.

The end of the report recommended using magnetized drinking water and ethanol both, in clinics and at home as a medical treatment.

  1. Scientific Research Institute of cancerous diseases. Rostov, Russia (Professor Garkavi, Kvakina, I’kolova and others)

Results obtained from clinical experiments using the invented formula, resulted in obtaining a patent. This formula was a method of treatment which included using magnetic water for treatment of patients. Results showed that magnetic water consumption, lowers radial affection of blood- creating organs in patients suffering from cancerous diseases. This method also prevents leukopenia complications when treating patients suffering from cancer. In addition, it is an effective prophylactic method for people who work and live in the areas of high radiation.